Princess and the Pee, Part 1: The UTI Experience

There was more brewing with Jess than her learning differences. She was 4 when we began toilet training. This went well until it didn’t. Long story short, she was having urinary tract infections (UTI). Our pediatrician suggested we see a pediatric urologist.

Everyone Missed the Signs

Every Angelman syndrome person has a different story. This is the beginning of ours. Once Jess was diagnosed and labeled with cerebral palsy (rather, misdiagnosed), we were directed to an early intervention program. Through play, she was immersed in language and cognitive skill development. I…

Please Know that I Understand

(Courtesy of Mary Kay) It’s rude to talk about someone behind their back. It’s even more impolite to talk about them in their presence. Unfortunately, this happens to the nonverbal all the time. Even worse, it’s assumed that because Jess isn’t talking, she doesn’t understand what’s…