FAQs About Gene Therapy for Angelman Syndrome

Researchers are investigating gene therapy as a new form of treatment for rare genetic diseases. This approach has the potential to possibly cure diseases like Angelman syndrome. However, it is very new and there are many unknowns. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions,…

FAQs About Anesthesia in Angelman Syndrome

Very likely, a child with Angelman syndrome will need to undergo a procedure requiring anesthesia at some point. Here are some frequently asked questions about anesthesia, and how it relates to Angelman syndrome and your child. What is anesthesia? Anesthesia is the use of medicines to mitigate pain…

FAQs About Angelman Syndrome

A diagnosis of Angelman syndrome can be challenging for patients and their families, with information about this rare disease sometimes difficult to find. Many parents and caregivers may find it helpful to connect with other families and advocacy groups. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Angelman syndrome.