Why I Welcome Christmas Pajamas Into My Self-care Regimen

A family finds comfort and joy in their cozy, matching jammies

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by Sabrina L. Johnson |

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“What’s the big deal about Christmas pajamas?” I once thought. But now I’m a believer in their almost mystical lure.

As the parent of a child with Angelman syndrome, I’ve found that self-care is important. My 12-year-old Angel, Juliana, keeps me busy. Finding moments to refuel is crucial to my well-being as a caregiver.

When I discover anything that might help me relax and unwind, I’m open to it. Imagine my surprise at discovering respite in Christmas pajamas.

Because life with Angelman syndrome can be unpredictable and challenging, I thrive on simplicity. My clothes are stylish but uncomplicated. Our routines are simple. Even our birthday celebrations fly under the radar.

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Despite my minimalist mindset, I can’t seem to get enough of pajamas. Yes, it’s an odd obsession.

Every year, my daughter Jessa asks, “What do you want for Christmas?”

My answer is easy and predictable. “Jammies,” I respond.

As much as I like pajamas, we never had a matching set as a family. When family PJs became all the rage, I thought they were cute but unnecessary. That changed this year.

We didn’t have our regular visiting-with-family routine this Thanksgiving, which ignited an idea to do something different. Because we wouldn’t be out Thanksgiving night, matching pajamas seemed like a fun way to welcome the Christmas season.

A family of four sits in front of their Christmas tree wearing matching pajamas, which include a white long-sleeved shirt and colorful patterned pants. Sabrina and her husband sit in the middle. Their younger daughter, Jessa, is on the left and wearing red reindeer antlers. Their older daughter, Juliana, who has Angelman syndrome, is on the right and smiling at a pink tablet she's holding.

Sabrina, second from left, and her family, all wearing their relaxing PJs. (Courtesy of Sabrina L. Johnson)

When I started my search for matching pajamas, I didn’t think finding them would be so difficult. I didn’t like a lot of the strong plaids and flannels I saw. Despite their popularity, they weren’t sparking a sense of calm for me.

After checking several online stores, I chose a retailer I used for years to purchase big-kid onesies for Juliana. The pattern I chose is whimsical and fun. Looking at it makes me feel calmer and reminds me of the simple things I enjoy most about Christmas.

Comfort and joy

These organic cotton pajamas have surpassed my expectations. I didn’t go into this purchase expecting self-care as a benefit. I’m no stranger to comfortable clothes, but I find myself excited to get into this holiday wear. In addition, I feel like the pajamas are calming my family.    

Every day when Juliana gets home from school, we change out of her school clothes. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been saying, “Hold on, Juliana, let me get your comfy jammies.”

The other day, when Jessa wasn’t feeling well, I encouraged her to put on her new PJs. We’ve been religiously donning our Christmas gear since Thanksgiving.

I’m absolutely certain that these pajamas have no magical powers or anything special woven into them. I’ve been watching a lot of holiday movies while wearing them, however. Perhaps that’s causing the good feelings and relaxing vibes.

I feel a bit like Linus with his special blanket. If something brings you comfort, clinging to it is a good idea. As a caregiver, I’ll take relaxation however I can find it. I don’t care if cotton is the catalyst. With no shame whatsoever, I gladly welcome Christmas pajamas as an addition to my self-care regimen.

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