Aids and Adaptations

People with Angelman syndrome, who often have intellectual and physical disabilities, may need aids and adaptations to help them with mobility and in performing daily tasks.

Treatment options for Angelman, a rare neurological condition that affects the brain, usually focus on managing the symptoms of the disease. Aids and adaptations can help provide people with Angelman the assistance they require to perform daily tasks and to improve mobility and communication.

Many Angelman syndrome patients have severe developmental delays, which can cause balance issues, walking difficulty, muscle weakness in the torso and legs, and severe scoliosis. The use of ankle braces and supports can help patients correct their gait and improve their ability to walk. Individuals with scoliosis may benefit from back braces, which may help prevent further curving of the spine. Braces also help with balance.

Infants with Angelman syndrome may have low muscle tone, which can lead to poor sucking ability, and swallowing difficulties. Modified breastfeeding methods, and the use of special nipples such as nipple shields, may be prescribed to improve feeding.

People with Angelman syndrome also may develop behavioral problems that make social interactions difficult. The use of special communication devices, such as those with verbal cues and computer picture-based systems, may help improve patients’ learning and social communication abilities.

The choice of supportive aids depends on the patient’s needs and can be modified to suit individual requirements. Therefore, assistive devices must only be used after consultation with the healthcare team and under their supervision.


Last updated: September 5, 2019


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