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Therapy Animals for Children with Angelman Syndrome

Therapy animals may be helpful for children with Angelman syndrome, complementing treatment with medications and physical, occupational, and speech therapies. Animal-assisted therapy can reduce pain, depression, fatigue, and anxiety in these children, and enhance the benefits of traditional treatment. What are therapy animals? Therapy animals are pets,…

Aquatic Therapy for Angelman Syndrome

Children with Angelman syndrome usually have muscle weakness, uncontrollable movements, and developmental delays. Physiotherapy can help patients with Angelman syndrome improve strength, coordination, balance, and posture. One type of physiotherapy that may be particularly beneficial for children with Angelman syndrome is aquatic therapy. What is aquatic therapy?…

Traveling with a Child Who Has Angelman Syndrome

Traveling can be challenging when you have a child with Angelman syndrome. Here are some tips to help you travel safely: Before traveling Planning ahead can help minimize the last-minute rush and related stress. While planning, consider factors such as who will be your child’s primary caregiver during travel.